Rose's Lunch Rolls

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1 cake/1 package/2 1/4 tsp11 ml yeast
1 Tbsp15 ml white sugar
1 1/4 cup280 ml luke warm milk
2 Tbsp30 ml melted shortening
approx. 4 cups1 litre sifted flour
1 well-beaten egg
1 tsp5 ml salt
another well-beaten egg
2 Tbsp30 ml milk

HEAT milk over the stove, or in microwave. Make sure it is only luke warm.
DISSOLVE yeast and sugar in milk.
ADD shortening and
2 cups500 ml flour. BEAT thoroughly.
ADD 1 egg.
GRADUALLY ADD rest of flour (enough to make a dough that can be handled easily) and salt.
TURN ONTO board and
KNEAD LIGHTLY and thoroughly, using as little flour as possible (about 5 minutes.)
PLACE in well-greased bowl.
COVER and SET ASIDE in a warm place free from draught to rise about 2 hours.
FORM into walnut-sized biscuits. PLACE
1 "2 cm apart in well-buttered, shallow pan.
LET RISE ‘til double in bulk (about half an hour.)
PREHEAT oven to
BRUSH with 1 egg and
2 Tbsp30 ml milk (if desired - this puts a nice finish on the rolls.)
BAKE at 375F190C about 9 minutes.
Serve while still warm.

Click here for an external link with tips on breadmaking and working with yeast.
This recipe will enable you to start your rolls as late as 9:30 am and serve at noon.
You can also make larger buns and bake them about 11 minutes.
Once cooled to room temperature, rolls can be stored in a plastic bag on the counter for 3 days, or frozen for 1 month.