Sesame Sui Choy Salad

From John Streicker. A better use of cabbage doesn’t exist.

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1 head
sui choy washed and coarsely chopped
6 green onions thinly sliced
ramen noodles (with ½ of seasoning for dressing)
1/2 cup125 ml sliced almonds/cashews/hazelnuts
1/3 cup80 ml sesame seeds
3 Tbsp45 ml butter/oil

orange sections
dried cranberries

1 3/4"4.5 cm piece of grated ginger
1/3 cup80 ml vegetable oil
1/3 cup80 ml rice vinegar
3 - 4 Tbsp45 - 60 ml sugar
3 Tbsp45 ml soy sauce
1 Tbsp15 ml sesame oil
½ package ramen seasoning

SAUTÉ ramen in butter one minute.
ADD almonds; sauté one more minute.
ADD sesame seeds; sauté until golden (a further 3 – 6 minutes).
MIX cabbage and onions in large bowl.
MIX dressing ingredients in a
2 cup250 ml measuring cup and WHISK.
TOSS dressing with cabbage, then TOSS in nut mix.

Serves 6? Can be refrigerated for 2 days. Do not freeze.
This recipe can be easily halved by adding only ½ the head of cabbage, 3 onions and reserving ½ the dressing and nut mixes for a later meal.