Rose's Eggs a la Martin

I was wondering who Martin was. I’m still not sure, but I looked for the recipe online to try to flesh out some of the details here. It would seem this is a well-known dish named after some Martin guy, and not a recipe developed by a friend of Grandma’s named Martin.

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1 tsp 5 ml butter/margarine
1 tsp 5 ml flour
1/2 cup 125 ml milk
1/4 cup 63 ml grated cheese
4 eggs
4 pieces of bread

PREHEAT oven to 350ºF 175ºC
In a stove and oven-safe pan, MELT butter over medium low heat. STIR in flour.
Slowly ADD milk STIR well. ADD cheese. SITR until cheese is melted.
Carefully DROP in 4 eggs.
PUT IN oven. Cook uncovered until eggs are set (8-10 minutes.)
While cooking, TOAST bread.

Serve over toast immediately.