Kathy's Sesame Maple Dressing

From “Hollyhock Cooks” with Linda Solomon and Moreka Jolar. Photographs by Maria Robledo.

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1/3 cup83 ml tamari/soya sauce
¼ cup63 ml water
¼ cup63 ml maple syrup
2 tsp10 ml Dijon mustard
1 tsp5 ml minced garlic
1/3 cup83 ml sunflower/safflower oil
3 Tbsp45 ml sesame oil

BLEND everything except oils.
In a measuring cup, COMBINE oils.
SLOWLY BLEND in oils to other ingredients.
STOP BLENDING as soon as the oils have been added.

Makes 1½ cups375 ml. Can be refrigerated for 1 week (in theory, but I’ve never had it around that long!) Try it over green salads, steamed vegetables, as a fish marinade, or just dip bread into it.