New and old

Marriage - not so different to the way we were. But the wedding was a good time and family is always well worth celebrating.
New Year's was spent in "quiet contemplation" - yeah whatever, we stayed home and drank leftover booze from the wedding. It was a nice time cozied up with family by the fire.
Merlin had a good time at his first week of preschool. He goes twice/week. He is so laid back, not a lot ruffles him. He's getting some braces to help him to walk. In the mean time he has learnt to walk holding onto one hand only. It's a little unsteady, but a very big milestone for all of us.
I went back and cleared out most of the old website. I had made it using iWeb. This site I'm using RapidWeaver, which is a little more advanced and can do more. iWeb was a great way to get going, but limiting in the end. I left my old blog there for posterity. You can link to it