Favourite Author Dies at 91

J. D. Salinger died last week, but I didn’t find out until I read yesterday’s newspaper today. I suppose it doesn’t really matter if I knew the day of, but it is vaguely creepy to know that something of this magnitude happened without my notice. If I missed the death of my favourite author, what else am I missing? I feel neglectful.

I decided long ago that the ‘news’ was a waste of time. It is so rarely relevant to my life. I seem to hear about the important events of the day, and if they are of interest to me, I find a source and fill myself in on the details. But obviously, there are some flaws in my system ... Well at any rate, I hope Jerome finds a sort of peace in death that seemed so elusive to him in life. I enjoyed his stories immensely.

NYT artice 2010/01/29