November 29, 2009
Merlin and I just had our morning snuggle.  We still do that every day.  The rain keeps falling.  I'll have to take him out in it today.  He can only go so many days stuck inside.  Yesterday we cut the monotony by making
Bliss Balls.  He really liked the dates.  I'll post the recipe on the website soon.

Here is the last of the autumn colour in the garden.


So when do pumpkins stop being pumpkins and become dirt? I don’t know, but I don’t think they will make for interesting photos any more. (Some would argue that they never did) So here are the last photos of the pumpkin graveyard.


November Garden

I've always liked the fall. The anticipation of snowfall, Christmas and snowboarding.
But I'm enjoying it on a whole new level with the garden. Even though it is, without doubt the ugliest time for the garden. Most plants are dead, leaves rotting, the grass should have been mowed one more time, but now it's too late and it lies limp, flat and always sopping wet. But the few plants that are still pretty really shine this time of year. And there is something of a story of renewal in the rotting corpses of the past season of growth.

The Pumpkins rot away.
November 13, 2008:



June 2008

Oh dear, it has been a while.
We moved. We worked.
Now I spend much of my spare time in the garden. And I seem to have found more spare time... So the website and everything else will apparently be more for the fall and winter months. Video of the state of the

So the city will apparently pick up
6, 40 lb bags of yard waste/week from March to November. Who has this much yard waste?, I naively ask. Check out the video of the compost bins. I started filling a large bucket everyday with weeds. I thought I'd eventually make my way around the garden. Mom got me a wheelbarrow. Now I fill that, usually about 3 times/day. And I have made my way around the back yard. That's right, we've been here a month and a half, and I haven't even touched the front garden. It's just all very overgrown. And it rains a lot, which means it grows a lot.

Anyway, I took some photos of the
garden, so enjoy. For comparison, check out the photos we took of the garden in March.