November Garden

I've always liked the fall. The anticipation of snowfall, Christmas and snowboarding.
But I'm enjoying it on a whole new level with the garden. Even though it is, without doubt the ugliest time for the garden. Most plants are dead, leaves rotting, the grass should have been mowed one more time, but now it's too late and it lies limp, flat and always sopping wet. But the few plants that are still pretty really shine this time of year. And there is something of a story of renewal in the rotting corpses of the past season of growth.

The Pumpkins rot away.
November 13, 2008:




Continuing saga of the Cucurbita sp. rotting in the back yard.
November 6, 2009:

The Canadian public health system is rotting too. Merlin and I would have had to stand for hours outside today to get an H1N1 shot. I know people who are not high risk at all that have gotten the shot already. Why has our medical system whipped everyone into such a frenzy that they are willing to wait in the November rain for hours for a vaccine?
Keeping in mind, the risk factors for developing complications are quite specific. I was surprised, for instance, to hear on the phone message from our public health authority that people over 65 qualified for the shot. Anyone over 65 has already been exposed to the 1950's and 1970's outbreaks of H1N1. In fact, chances are quite good that they've already HAD it once or twice during the previous outbreaks.

But ambulance paramedics aren't considered by the BC government to be health care workers, so they don't qualify.

And in the mean time, most anyone working for a health authority has been pulled from regular duties to help administer the shots. This means that anyone needing: breastfeeding assistance, prenatal education, pregnancy testing (pregnant women are a risk group, so this seems particularly twisted - how do you know if you are at risk if you can't get a pregnancy test?), tuberculin testing (tuberculosis IS actually an epidemic in Vancouver that has cost hundreds of lives in recent years), adult immunization, audiology, dental, nursing support services, speech-language pathology, health promotion, parent support etc... can just wait until the craziness is over. But when will that be? The pattern of H1N1 is that it sticks around for a few years. We don't know how long the vaccine stays effective for, so everyone will probably want a shot again next year.

It takes a fair amount of trust in the system to let them just poke me and mine with a needle full of magic serum. And all this really doesn't make one confident in the system.

Pumpkin Graveyard

Having done their duty on Hallowe'en, the pumpkins have been moved to the compost.
November 1, 2009:

Here, Spice inspects their progress.
November 4, 2009: