Nov 2008

Fall 2008

Well it's really great to get back to the webpage. I've added some new photos and a new recipe. I like this project and I've missed it.
It has been a busy summer of gardening and general house projects. Homeownership is great, but time consuming. Merlin and I have had a lot of fun in the yard. The wet weather keeps us on the deck much of the time now. The gazebo deck cover we got makes us able to go out and enjoy some fresh air even on rainy days.

Merlin loves playing in the rain. Sometimes I change him out of wet clothes 4 times in a day. His language progresses and everyone is pleased with his progress after a year of CI use. His mobility also shows slow and steady progress. He loves running around in his walker on the deck. Preschool continues to be a popular and fun activity for the boy. Good news: Merlin made it into the "At Home" program, which means the types of services he is receiving now, which will run out when he turns 5, he will continue to receive for as long as he needs them. While I'm pleased he was accepted, one has to wonder why we even have to apply. Why provide it for under 5 and not over? I know the sad answer: in terms of return on the investment, the government has decided that helping 3 year olds is cost effective, where helping 12 year olds isn't.

I'm still enjoying both my jobs at the law office and as a parent guide. As an added bonus, Dad and I get to go to the office's Christmas party, which will be our 3rd date this year.