Dec 2009


What a great time visiting with family we have had so far. I would have liked some snow on the ground, but really, it is probably for the best as it makes the driving around to visit easier and safer. I remember last year was a little dodgey with all the snow we had. A lot of “we made it!” phone calls were necessary to keep people from worrying too much.

Over the past year, I’ve read a number of cook books and cooking magazines, I’ve realized that some are more enjoyable to read than others. And some, I really just look at the recipes to decide what I want to try in the kitchen. I’ve realized that in trying to make my cook book user friendly and to the point, I’ve made it just a wee bit dry. So I’m going to add a little spice to the recipes in the way of anecdotal information, if I have it. It’s part of the whole theme exploring how food brings us together.

First photo with the new camera


Soon Merlin will have a touch screen, so he will be able to actually use his computer on his own.


By posting this, I’ll probably find out if Shawna reads my blog!


Uh oh, Grandpa’s losing it too!


A REALLY cool book!


We were actually counting to 10!


Winter is here

December 12, 2009

It snowed yesterday. Almost imperceptibly, but it did. We are excited by it, but Merlin was a little disappointed that he couldn’t make snow balls, and demanded more. I explained that it wasn’t something I could control. I showed him the snow dance that I developed when I was an avid snowboarder. He rolled his eyes and smiled the way everyone does when I do the snow dance.
We went and got a little “Alberta Spruce” in a pot and decorated it. We don’t have any working lights, so it doesn’t look quite as sparkly as it should. I’m hoping I can take care of it for another 12 months and use it again next year, then maybe plant it outside.
We made
Chicken Curry for dinner mmm.