Dec 2008

Getting festive

Thursday night, Jonas was visiting and we put up the Christmas decorations together. We have a little "Charlie Brown" tree in a pot that I bought from the supermarket last year for the condo. It had a hard, dry summer of neglect while I tended to the massive garden I inherited. So it has a section of brown before the new growth started with the rains this fall. It his heavily laden with our smallest decorations.
There was some discussion as to how to hang the stockings. We decided nail holes in the mantle was acceptable and Rob made it so.
Saturday I woke up to discover that the wind had blown the gazebo into a tree. We discussed taking it down this fall, but decided that it was such a perfect fit on the deck, that it really couldn't go anywhere. OOOPS! The wind had to blow it straight up 4 feet in the air and then into the tree to get it out from the deck railings. Don't mess with mother nature, she's a very determined lady!
Anyhow, Rob and i were able to put it straight without injury. The roof has only one small tear. All in all, we got away with our foolhardy optimism relatively unscathed.
Photos of the decorations and the gazebo-in-a-tree click