Dec 2007

Winter Ball

I knew the party was gonna be good because when we walked in there were already people on the dance floor and I was mildly felt up before I’d even taken off my coat. I’d barely gotten a few sips of what I like to call “WISE Hall Guiness” (it’s not as thick as it is elsewhere, but it’s still hearty enough to sustain you through a night of dancing), when Christiane got me onto the dance floor. Whipple was in fine form early on and was spreading his charms around us dancing ladies, making sure no one was left out of the fun.
I didn’t even recognize Elektra right away, her sexy persona during the dance competition will not soon leave my heart. Simone MC’d the event, looking vaguely, well let’s face it: who hasn’t thought that she couldn’t put CSI’s “Lady Heather” out of business if she wanted to?
As if I wasn’t having enough fun already, they (not sure who all “they” were, but I know Dawn put in her 2 cents) declared me “Belle of the Ball”. Proving that there is no such thing as “too much glitter”. The ever-classy Sammi passed on the triara to me. I hope she doesn’t think I’ll tarnish the image of the Belle. My Beau, Jennifer, held up the classy end of our duo, having already proven himself in the dance competition. Charlie Brown stayed in character by quietly leaving before being presented with his award.
And Nettie showed up, in a matching hat! Oh the fantasies of the trouble we could get into in our matching sequined Santa hats.
I was taking a breather, talking to Dan and Sheila when Tits put on “Cecelia”. Well, this was no time to be lounging around, so I was on the floor again. I’d tossed off my shoes shortly after being crowned, so I was ready to dance ‘til midnight, which is good, because Aili was laying down one good tune after another.
Those of you who left before Stuart and Aliza found their groove (sorry again, Charlie) missed the highlight of the evening. Even Cinderella got to stay out until midnight.
But all good things must come to an end, and the ugly lights were eventually turned on.
Thanks for a wonderful evening,
Pretty Ladies!