The week that was

This week just kind of flowed by. Which isn't to say it didn't have its excitement.
Monday we put an offer in on a house (11 thousand over the asking price, but someone else offered more.) Oh well, we'll find our house one day. The search continues.
Tuesday we were woken at 3 am to the fire alarm. It was really cold outside. False (ish) alarm, in that it was a big water leak that must have shorted out the alarm system or something. Anyhow, after the brief pajama party in the freezing cold outside, we came in, looked at the fire truck lights, and eventually Merlin went back to sleep after the excitement.
Thursday was playing with Sasha and Kathy which is always fun.
Friday night I had a party with the QIS staff to say goodbye. It's official now, I've left VPL. They were wondering if it felt weird, it really doesn't. I'll miss my co-workers, but not really the job. I'm going to make an effort to stay in touch. Softball season with the Dewey Decimators is almost upon us (okay, first I have to do the taxes, but then it's game time.) Which is good, because I do get the housewife cabin fever sometimes, so it'll be good to get out to play on a regular basis.
Today we did some house hunting. A couple that may show some promise, but nothing too exciting. Lunch at a favourite Chinese place. Merlin does love those Shanghai style thick noodles. And we played outside in the snow a bit. I'm wondering if it snowed in the 'Loops today for the big race. I'll call tomorrow and find out how it went.
I'm looking forward to the Chinese New Year parade. Merlin had a blast last year. Merlin and I dropped in on a family preparing dumplings for their New Year's feast in the Common Room. It smelled soooo good. I do LOVE this multicultural city.