First we had to practice our bouncing...

Then we were off to our morning party at Deaf Children’s Society. We had a lot of fun visiting with families. Last year’s preschool graduates had been invited, so it was a chance to catch up with them as well. Merlin played “Ring around the Rosie”. His walking has improved enough, and his friends are now big enough to walk with him holding hands. It is really great to see him able to engage with his peers.
And the cake was nummy.


Then we came home and set out the pumpkin trail to the front door.


My favourite was the cat pumpkin.


Then it was time for trick or treating.


He wasn’t afraid of the witch, or her recipe for kiddie stew.


I think he would have gone all night, by the light of the full moon.
But eventually, Kanga had to call it quits.