I love Saturdays

As a parent, really Saturdays should be the same as any other day. The child still needs to be cared for, meals cooked, dishes done, laundry loaded. All the chores are still there. And even though hubby gets up to go to kung fu practice and leaves more or less at the same time he goes to work, Saturdays are different right from the get-go.
Maybe I just cut myself more slack on Saturdays, knowing that a little "me" time is healthy. Of course, I know Daddy will be home in time for lunch and then there will be two of us. I'll have a partner to get through the day with. It won't be that lonely journey that being the stay-at-home parent can be.
Anyway, I love Saturdays. I'd like more of Saturday, I think I'm going to rename Wednesday. Think how much more enjoyable "the hump of the week" would be if it had a funkier name like "Saturday". I know some will say that Sunday is the obvious choice, but all too often Sunday is just the day before MONDAY. Besides, days as good as Saturday should be spread out a bit. Yes, Wednesday is the obvious choice, if you think about it.