Daily blurb

November 21, 2009
Well, I guess the big news is that we survived that weather last night.  I've lived in the lower mainland for 20 years.  And I've never driven through anything quite like that before.  Luckily it seems that everyone had the good sense to slow down - you'd have been driving blind even with your wipers going at top speed if you didn't.  Merlin was very excited by thunder and lightening and wanted to go outside to be in it all. (ah my little gemini, I understand you so well)

Merlin slept through the night (well, until 5:30 anyway, which for him is still very acceptable) again tonight, so I'm feeling well rested and ready for brunch with Mom and Boo.  I told Merlin about seeing them tomorrow and he still went to bed well.

November 22, 2009
We had a fun day yesterday.  We had a morning visit from Mom and Boo.  Mom, Merlin and I made muffins.  He's getting to be quite helpful in the kitchen.  I've been waiting to be able to have him in the kitchen with me, following directions, etc...  we both really enjoy cooking together.  Rob taught Bruce some music theory and they played some of Bruce's choir songs together.
After they headed off to Marlow's, we went off to visit the Mallinson's.  Scott and Merlin were very happy to see each other and played with their Dad's and trains, etc... while Shelley and I went to a toy sale. It's always good to talk to other parents about glasses, CI's and shoes for braces too! Scott and Merlin are quite the matched pair together - and it goes beyond their gear.  They both share a love of trains, cars, swimming - and apparently, Lincoln logs.
Take out pasta mmmm for dinner, and home to bed.

And I know you are dying to see the state of the pumpkins