Day to day

November 25, 2009
Sunday was a fun day.  We had friends over for dinner.  Merlin had a chance to play with his oldest friend,
Sasha.  He and Sasha used to play when they were months old and Kathy and I were still on maternity leave... While  the adults visited in the living room, we could hear them inventing stories about trains and castles in Merlin's room.
Yesterday morning was fun.  Everyone piled into the "bus" (that would be my Honda Civic) and we dropped Max at school, Merlin at preschool, Rob at work, and then I carried on to work.  Luckily, we both have employers that aren't too concerned with what time we show up.  Our morning commute together is kind of fun.

November 27, 2009
Yesterday at preschool Merlin welcomed back (from maternity leave - I can't help but point out how great it is that she was able to take a year off, and then return to her job.  It would have been a loss to the preschool, if she had had to resign to have a child.) his first Speech Language Pathologist.  She started working with Merlin when he was 6 months old and they have a strong bond.  I told him he would see her at school, and all morning he kept mentioning it, then in a very 4-year-old way, gave her the briefest of smiles and carried on playing when he saw her.  With preschoolers, it is very much the thought that counts.

Given the topic of todays message to the PM (about a publicly-funded child care program), I can't sign off without saying a big thanks for the support we have received from our family.  Dad and Jane provide our child care while I am at work.  On my work days, they pick up Merlin from preschool and Rob or I pick him up from their home after work.  While I know they enjoy being able to see Merlin every week (much to the envy of the other grandparents), it is no small commitment they have made, and they have made a real connection with Merlin's preschool as well, and always have messages about Merlin's day to pass on to us.  Without their help, I would not be able to hold a job, as there simply are not enough affordable child care spots in the lower mainland.