Robin Hood Tax

24 Hours For The Tax:

There a literally millions of reasons to support this tax. And only really 2 not to: 1: you are rich enough to make financial transactions on a regular basis that would be taxed. 2: you believe the rich people telling you that it is a bad idea. The rich don’t get rich by looking out for others. They get rich by exploiting people to work for them in some way, and not compensating them appropriately for their work. It really is that simple. This tax really would make a big difference. There really is a chance that it could be put into law. It really is worth your time to take part in the actions to support it.

Rallies, Trains and Fingerlings


At the rally to stop the cuts from the Liberals. This is a link to a list of the cuts. There is something there for everyone! Find some that effect you directly (I guarantee you will find more than one) and join the movement.


At Burnaby Central Railway.


the Fingerling Festival, where Merlin got to release baby salmon into Noon Creek!

Life continues full tilt. Plans are being made for the summer months at a remarkable pace.

June is Merlin’s graduation from
preschool, and his 5th birthday; we also have tickets to the Star Trek Convention; and my birthday is also in June, but I haven’t the energy to have a party.

So I’m officially moving my birthday party from here on out to the second weekend in July. (the weekend after
Hornby Island Family Deaf Camp - which we are looking forward to). This way we spread out our family celebrations and no one gets overlooked. Also in July is the International Congress on the Education of the Deaf. No play group for Merlin in July, so he will be farmed out to Grandparents.

August, thankfully, is so far a blank page. Merlin is already looking forward to kindergarten. It is going to be a long summer for him without school, so we need to find some kid group activity for him to do.

Last fall I was asked to write a few words for “Transition Magazine” about connecting with your community. I did so, and it appears
here (Its down at the bottom - do a search for “child”)

The magazine is produced by
BC Coalition of People with Disabilities. They are a very active organization. I hope Merlin can get involved with it when he is a bit older.

Fish, Zucchini and chickens

We met Nana and Papa Peter at Cache Creek and handed over Merlin for a visit during spring break. On the way home we stopped to look at the Fraser River. Very picturesque, except for all the dead fish...

Then we started work on the pantry/hood fan project.
That diagonal line is where the ceiling used to be. I was covering perfectly goo storage space above/behind it. So it had to go.


While Rob was inside working on the pantry, Merlin and I were outside working on the new vegetable garden.


The seedlings will be ready to go into the garden soon!



What, doesn’t everyone make a gingerbread train for Easter?


At Saunderson’s farm: collected eggs, fed the horses, played on the tractor and got some manure.

And that was March..

Favourite Author Dies at 91

J. D. Salinger died last week, but I didn’t find out until I read yesterday’s newspaper today. I suppose it doesn’t really matter if I knew the day of, but it is vaguely creepy to know that something of this magnitude happened without my notice. If I missed the death of my favourite author, what else am I missing? I feel neglectful.

I decided long ago that the ‘news’ was a waste of time. It is so rarely relevant to my life. I seem to hear about the important events of the day, and if they are of interest to me, I find a source and fill myself in on the details. But obviously, there are some flaws in my system ... Well at any rate, I hope Jerome finds a sort of peace in death that seemed so elusive to him in life. I enjoyed his stories immensely.

NYT artice 2010/01/29